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My Qualifications.

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 Norman's Professional And Other Qualifications.

My main experience is electronics, radio (communications), computers, TV, CCTV, Microwave links etc.


Professional Qualifications.

City & Guilds Communication Radio A.
City & Guilds Communication Radio B.
City & Guilds Communication Radio C.
City & Guilds Radio and Line A.
City & Guilds Radio and Line B.
City & Guilds Radio and Line C.
City & Guilds Maths A.
City & Guilds Maths B.
City & Guilds Maths C.
City & Guilds Telephony and Telegraphy A.
City & Guilds Communications Radio; Intermediate Certificate.
City & Guilds Communications Radio; Final Certificate.
City & Guilds Full Tech Certificate.
City & Guilds Radio and TV Servicing; Intermediate. (48)
City & Guilds Radio and TV Servicing; Final. (48)
Tech Computer Principles.
City & Guilds Colour Television Principles.
City & Guilds Radio Amateurs Examination.
Home Office Morse Test.
Philips VCR Maintenance Certificate.
BBC - Working at Heights.
DCC10(2-35) Overt Operations Basic Training Course (including giving training on the Metradio system including the use of the radios)
Pafec - DOGS and DOGS Mapping (Design Office Graphic System)
Marconi COVMOD - Use of Marconi Radio Coverage Prediction Software
Marine Radio Operator's Certificate


Other Qualifications.

Driving Tests etc
I have a current, clean driving licence, since September 1960

I have passed the following Metropolitan Police Service police staff driving tests;
Manual Car & Automatic Car;
Manual Van - including carrier & twin wheel vehicle;
Automatic Van - including carrier & twin wheel vehicle;
Performance car:

I have also had instruction and passed test for the Met Police, 4 Wheel Drive Off Road and the Trailer Awareness Test, which involved safely towing a two ton wind-up mast.


8th May 2018



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