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The Beginning - Norman Starting Work.

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Norman Starting Work.

Experience Summary.

1958 - 1967
When I left school I was first employed as a Radio, TV, Audio and White Goods engineer, started as an Apprentice and subsequently made up to Workshop manager for Broadmead (later to become Civic).

1967 - 1976
I left Broadmead Radio and was employed by Stanwood Radio from approximately 1967 until 1976. I joined as a field engineer and subsequently promoted to workshop manager.

1976 - 2004
I was employed within the Metropolitan Police until, due the terms and conditions of my employment, I had to retire, starting as a Radio Technician. This involved repairing Radio Communications Equipment 1st and 3rd line i.e. to component level. I became the main troubleshooter during my stay in that department.

Subsequently I was promoted and transferred to the newly formed WARC section, to study the replacement of the existing radio system (TTS3).

My functions in this section were as follows
Assist specialist Team Leader with the evaluation of the WARC Phase 3 process.

Production of section quality documentation in support of BS5750 (BS EN ISO 9001) activities.

Production of reports on sections RF coverage survey and measurement activities.

Carry out RF surveys as a team leader, using the JRC/Chase in-vehicle RF surveying equipment, and the to evaluate these with computer RF prediction program, Marconi COVMOD. Then to enter the data on DOGS Mapping system, and plot the resultant data.

Supervision of the Survey Team.

Maintenance and modification the software and hardware for Frequency Clearance/Traffic Analysis system.

Supervision and maintenance of the DOGS Digital Mapping System.

Supervision of the COVMOD RF prediction and path profile system.

Supervision and maintenance of the JRC/Chase Survey equipment.

Operation of the Pafec 'DOGS' Digital Mapping System to process survey data and to produce maps and drawings as necessary.

Application of the Marconi COVMOD RF prediction and path profile system.

Liaise with other sections re: survey activities etc.

Responsible for fulfilling all heath and safety obligations appropriate to the grade as defined in the Health and Safety Statement and Schedules.

Work in a close team in assessing the bid for the Metradio Trunked Radio System

Carry out numerous RF surveys to ascertain that the successful bidder reached their goals.

I then transferred to the Metradio Configuration Section (TTS1).

My functions in this section were as follows

My task was to construct a large database using Microsoft Access to store all the parameters used in the Metradio system. With the aid, when required, of a consultant.

I then transferred to the section DCC10(2-35) prior to my retirement.
OTSU (Operations Technical Support Unit)

My functions in this section were as follows

Support, Operate, Train Police Officers and help maintain the fleet of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) vans, including writing software to perform functions ie to split large text files into files that could be handled by the ANPR software. This also includes travelling outside the Met to support and operate these vans to Wales, Brighton, Bournemouth Liverpool etc.

I also supervised ntl, who are the providers for the Metradio System under the out-sourced package, when they provide communications at major events.

My job also consisted of providing Covert and Overt surveillance to assist the police with Public Order and other occasions such as state visits, Notting Hill Carnival. This also requires being very attentive to criminal and 'public order' activities and being able to inform of any violations via the MP radio system.

I am conversant with the use of CCTV cameras, and microwave links to provide CCTV pictures into 'GT' (the control room for major events).

Referring to the previous, I am also quite agile and able to work on roofs of tall buildings and have attended the BBC Working at Heights course.

I have written software to assist others with the pursuance of their tasks, Excel spreadsheets as were required, I also constructed a large database using Microsoft Access, including a substantial amount of external training to be able to use Access and Visual Basic.

I am quite conversant with most of the Microsoft Windows Office suite, Word, Access, Excel etc.

My main interests are radio and electronics, I am a radio amateur.
I enjoy building, upgrading and repairing computers, I have done this both for myself and numerous friends.
I am also very interested in video editing and photography.


8th May 2018



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